The school


A unique, cutting-edge and completely free school to train the chefs of tomorrow, celebrating the joy of food while keeping an eye on the relationship between food, health and the environment.

The school involves young people from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, driven by a great passion for cooking and selected by experienced partners such as the Red Cross and the Community of Sant’Egidio. The two-month full-time course in Parma is completely free of charge. During this period, renowned chefs and scientists will prepare them for a high-level career. Two months will follow during which the students will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned and officially enter the world of work. In this second phase, Esselunga will also collaborate with the Barilla Foundation by welcoming a group of students to its Atlantic Bars and supermarket delis.

An opportunity to learn a new approach to food and catering and to bring it to kitchens and restaurants throughout Italy.

The Learning Program

Students will be able to enter the world of work having learned the basics of nutrition and the principles of healthy eating and the Mediterranean diet, as well as understanding the environmental impact of food production, from field to fork, and the impact of food waste. The theoretical part is complemented by an intensive training in the practical basics of cooking, with special emphasis on the most common ingredients used in the catering industry (vegetables, meat, fish, rice, fresh and dried pasta, baking, desserts, and ice cream) and the most popular preparation techniques.

The Teachers

From the basics of nutrition to calculating the CO2 equivalent, a select group of teachers guide students through a multidisciplinary course that explores the connections between the art of cooking, healthy eating and environmental science.

The First Edition

The creation and the activities of the first edition of the school are documented in the TV program “Saranno cuochi”, which aired on Rai Due: the story of the first nine students of this innovative educational project is told in four episodes, narrated by Ema Stokholma with guests such as chefs Gennarino Esposito, Jessica Rosval, Alessandro Negrini, and master pastry chef Corrado Assenza.