The EU-funded project LIFE Climate Smart Chefs, led by Barilla Foundation, aims to leverage on chefs to accelerate the transition to healthier and more sustainable food systems, through the development of a high level training course program, the establishment of a new European network, and the launch of an international award.

Skilled FOR FOOD is a three-year Erasmus+ project, started in 2020 with an aim of building a set of certified skills to teach food and environmental sustainability. It involves 35 high school teachers and more than 250 young people, from Italy, Greece, Lithuania, and Spain.

SU-EATABLE LIFE is an initiative that encourages EU citizens to adopt a healthy and sustainable diet, with a long-term goal of contributing to a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption. The pilot phase of the project at company and university canteens in Italy and the United Kingdom involved more than 6,500 users and 17 partners, and achieved savings of approximately 1.7 kg of CO2 eq. (carbon footprint) and 1,670 liters of water (water footprint) per head per day, compared to the average daily impact of a European citizen.