The aim of this Foundation is to encourage sustainable behaviors and healthy food choices, to bring about a concrete change in society.

Comedians and food influencers feature in funny video clips, looking into the relationship between food, the environment and health.

Practical, approachable and informative clips to bring into our lives 10 years of scientific studies on the relationship between food, people and the planet.

The Barilla Foundation offers educational courses for every level of academic achievement. It provides a straightforward, fascinating way for the new generations to find out more about the challenges and future prospects of current food systems.

The Barilla Foundation was among the first organizations to study the complexity of agri-food systems in depth, producing research, debates and international events, with the involvement of institutions and opinion leaders from all over the world.

The Barilla Foundation has developed the Double Pyramid model, a straightforward and direct way of communicating the characteristics of a balanced, healthy and sustainable diet that respects the planet.

The new European project LIFE Climate Smart Chefs, led by the Barilla Foundation, aims to leverage on the chefs, as game changers for the transition towards more sustainable and healthier food choices.