The Barilla Foundation was among the first organizations to study the economic, social and environmental sustainability of agri-food systems with a multidisciplinary approach. Over the past 10 years, the Foundation has given rise to multidisciplinary research, debates and international events that have involved opinion makers, science and institutions, becoming a global benchmark for the transition to healthier and more sustainable food systems.

The Barilla Foundation has developed the Double Pyramid model, a straightforward and direct way of communicating the characteristics of a balanced, healthy and sustainable diet that respects the planet.

Via projects funded by various European institutions and together with many other international partners, the Barilla Foundation has the opportunity to give substance to scientific studies and research.
SU-EATABLE LIFE is the project created to drive people – using experiments in canteens at universities and companies – towards the adoption of sustainable and healthy diets.
SkillED for Food aims to train teachers to teach sustainability through food, and the new Climate Smart Chefs project is aimed at leveraging on the role of chefs for more sustainable diets, giving life to a new generation of cooks who can combine attention to flavor with topics that are now unavoidable, such as health, the reduction of food waste and the respect for the environment.

The Food Sustainability Index is a project carried out in conjunction with Economist Impact, analyzing the food systems of 78 countries using 38 indicators and 95 subindicators grouped around three fundamental pillars:  food losses and waste, sustainable agriculture, and nutritional challenges. By means of a constant review process, environmental, economic and social indicators were selected to establish a comparable qualitative and quantitative standard for all the countries covered by the study. In 2021, the Barilla Foundation and Economist Impact created a spin-off, focused on the G20 countries.

Themed insights, reports and school monographs on food, health, the environment and society, which can be consulted and downloaded free of charge.