Italian Puttanesca Salad with Sourdough Croutons

Italian Puttanesca Salad with Sourdough Croutons

Preparation time:

Above 60 Minuti

Nutritional information:

425kcal / per serving


Side dish


Seasonal dish:


Enviromental Impact:

Very low (0.158kg CO2 eq) i

The basic ingredient of this rich multicolored salad is spelled, a very ancient cereal which, combined with beans and summer vegetables, makes this recipe a fantastic and very fresh complete dish.

Ingredients for 4 portions

  • Spelt 100 g
  • Butterbeans 300 g
  • Cherry tomatoes 200 g
  • Balsamic vinegar 20 ml
  • Demerara sugar 20 g
  • Red onion 1
  • Piquillo peppers 100 g
  • Capers 1 tsp
  • Olives 40 g
  • Artichoke hearts 100 g
  • Bunch basil 1
  • Olive oil 30 ml
  • Red wine vinegar 1 tbsp
  • Lemon 1/2 (Juice and zest)



Bring a pan of boiling water to a simmer and add the spelt. Cook for 25 minutes or until tender, drain and set aside.


Peel and cut the red onions into wedges. Toss in the balsamic vinegar and demerara sugar and roast on a tray covered with tin foil for 30 mins at 180°C.


Cut all the tomatoes, artichokes and piquillo peppers into randomly-sized chunks.

Enviromental Impact

Very low


Per serving:

0.158kg CO2 equivalent i

Carbon footprint

To limit our impact on the environment, we advise you to remain within 1 kg CO2-equivalent per meal, including all the courses you eat. Bear in mind that plant-based dishes are more likely to have a low environmental impact.

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