BBQ Sweetcorn & Carrot Fritter

BBQ Sweetcorn & Carrot Fritter

Preparation time:

Less than 30 Minuti

Nutritional information:

409kcal / per serving



Second course


Seasonal dish:


Enviromental Impact:

Low (0.233kg CO2 eq) i

With this recipe, even the little ones will eat vegetables, guaranteeing a daily supply of vegetables.

Ingredients for 4 portions

  • Sweetcorn 200 g
  • BBQ Sauce 40 ml
  • Carrots (peeled and grated) 200 g
  • Eggs (beaten) 4
  • Flour 80 g
  • Onion (thinly sliced) 60 g
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Olive oil 2 tbs



Season and mix the sweetcorn, onion and carrots.


Beat the flour and the egg, and mix with the vegetables.


Using a large spoon, drop the mix into a non-stick pan with a little oil, cook either side for 3 minutes.


Serve hot with BBQ dipping sauce.

Enviromental Impact



Per serving:

0.233kg CO2 equivalent i

Carbon footprint

To limit our impact on the environment, we advise you to remain within 1 kg CO2-equivalent per meal, including all the courses you eat. Bear in mind that plant-based dishes are more likely to have a low environmental impact.

Even though some of our suggestions exceed the recommended 1 kg CO2-equivalent per meal, that doesn't mean you should never make them; it's the overall balance that counts. Regularly eating a healthy and eco-friendly diet in the long term offsets even the dishes with the most impact, as long as you don't make them too often.